My fiance and I were wanting to purchase a sofa set. We found one that we were absolutely in love with and we're told that it was in Stock only to find out that it was in fact not.

The second sofa we chose we were told we would be able to take home that day. Which was exactly what we were hoping for. We went home to get a truck and returned to pick up our 3 piece sofa set and dining room table with 4 chairs. When we arrived we were told that the sofa we were supposed to be picking up was not in Stock and we would have to wait a few days to get it.

The saleswoman then told us that we could spend an additional $200 to get a different sofa.

Never did they once offer to make it up to us in any way. Will never purchase from them again.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I am with Home Zone corporate and worked along side the store manager on this customer's issue. I am happy to state that we were able to free deliver that customers sofa with in 48 hours of the date and time of sale.

We were also able to provide a loaner sofa in the mean time, until we could have their new one delivered.

I believe, after a discussion with this customer that we have resolved the situation and hopefully we will be seeing them again soon for further furniture needs.

Alli A.

Regional Manager



Yea Home Zone is a cheap rip off of Furniture Row. The unofficial owner and most of the upper management are previous employees of Furniture Row.

They just sell the slightly lower grade and slightly smaller versions of what Furniture Row does at about the same or slightly lower prices and back it up with shotty service. However, websites like this allow people to make things seem worse than they are. You listed a monetary loss of $2500 but you didn't say they took your money, didn't give you a sofa, and then kept your money.

My guess is that you either got a refund or chose a different sofa set but your monetary loss is actually $0. I could be wrong if there is a big part of the story you are leaving out but I doubt that part would be left out on a post that is intended to bring up the shortcomings of businesses.

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What location is this?

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