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I purchased a full bedroom suit and couch from Home Zone on 1/12/17 and the furniture was delivered on 1/17/17. In the process of bringing the items into my home the delivery company used a brick from my landscape to prop my storm door open so far it stressed the wood frame pulling out the screws and breaking the metal bracket to the closer and pulling those screws out.

The delivery company also installing the furniture damaged the dresser, nightstand, foot board, head board, and side runners of the bed frame with deep notches to hair line scratches. I immediately contacted the store and was informed that I had to call the delivery center to speak with the Supervisor which I did right away. The Supervisor asked that I text him the photos which was also done right away and he stated that he would get replacements out that coming Tuesday. The Supervisor informed me that he would send the photos over to the delivery company as they are a 3rd party contractor and they would be in touch with me.

At 2:01pm that afternoon I received a call from the 3rd party company informing me that someone will be calling me within 48 hours to schedule a time to repair my door. (2/27/17 no word from the person who will repair my door or the 3rd party delivery company) Later that afternoon on my way home from work I stopped by the store and spoke with the store Manager. I informed him of what had taken place during the delivery/installation and he apologized. I asked for the delivery fee to be refunded due to the issues and the store Manager informed me that I needed to wait 24 hours as the delivery company needed to close the ticket out before it would show in his system to be able to complete the refund.

I completely understood that. The store Manager asked me to email him the photos of the damage which I did while sitting there and we confirmed they were received. While speaking with the store Manager the delivery Supervisor called him to inform him of my situation although hours had passed. During that call I explained that my husband or I could not miss work so we changed the delivery of the replacement furniture to be delivered on 2/25/17.

The store Manager said that he was sending the photos over to his Owner who would not be happy about the situation and he showed me the blurry dark photos that the delivery/installers took after everything was set up in my home and told me they were unacceptable photos that they submitted. On 2/21/17 I stopped by the store and received my refund back for the delivery fee and was informed by the Assistant Manager that he had very little information as to what was going on. At 1:12pm on 2/24/17 I contacted the store again regarding my door and the store Manager informed me that I needed to contact the delivery Supervisor regarding the damages. I explained that I'm not calling all of the other departments as this is their responsibility to resolve and not mine.

I was told that I would receive a call that afternoon back from the store Manager and never got a call. I tried to call an 800 number that pulled up online for the Corporate Office for Home Zone as the store claimed they didn't have a corporate number to provide however the number online did not work. I also called the Lewisville store to see if they could provide me with a number and they told me the best thing would be to call their customer care number however I haven't been able to get anyone to answer there either. At 5:21pm on 2/24/17 I called the delivery department Supervisor to verify we were still on the schedule for the Saturday (2/25/17) delivery of the replacement number but only got his voicemail so I left a message.

I never received a return call confirming the delivery. On2/25/17 at 11:36am I called the store and asked for the store Manager who was with a customer so I could confirm the delivery and the gentleman on the phone asked me to leave a message. I told him I would call back as no one every returns my calls. I then called the delivery Supervisor who again did not answer the phone.

I called the store back at 11:50am and left a message for the store Manager to call me back. Around 1:15pm after not receiving any return calls I went to the store where I was greeted by both the store Manager and Assistant Manager. Neither could provide answers and the store Manager stated that he was waiting on his Regional Manager to call him back. In the middle of me continuing to complain for the lack of answers, care, or concern in regards to this matter the Regional called.

The store Manager stepped in a back room then came out and stated he was sending the photos to his Regional which I thought was done back on the 17th per our conversation. The store Manager looked up the delivery schedule and informed me that the replacement furniture was not on the schedule for this day (25th) as previously discussed therefore my son was still stuck with his room in a disarray. I explained how ridiculous this had become and my son could not put up all of this clothing as we thought the replacement furniture was coming and we had already moved his mattresses again for the second time. I asked why they couldn't deliver the replacement furniture and he stated because the schedule was already full.

I explained that the delivery department informed him that he would push someone on the schedule to make sure it was delivered. The store Manager acted as if we never spoke of the delivery of the replacement furniture and stated that he thought the delivery Supervisor was setting that up with me. I asked if the Regional could provide a depreciated value on the furniture that was damaged as that is something we would also think about as a resolution and the store Manager said he would mention that. Everyone also still seemed surprised that I hadn't heard anything about repairing my storm door.

I told the store Manager that if the 3rd party delivery company's repair man did not call me that day then I would like a copy of their insurance to file a claim to get my door fixed. I explained that the repair would be under $100 more than likely but if I needed to file an insurance claim on their policy then I would. I was informed that the store did not have a copy of the insurance so I asked the store Manager to ask for a copy of it from the Regional. After everyone was done pointing fingers at each other the store Manager stated that either the Assistant Manager or himself would call me by 6pm on Monday the 27th.

At 6:49pm on Monday I called the store because once again no one follows through with what they say they will do. The store Manager was out and the Assistant Manager was busy. I received a call about 10 mins later from the Assistant Manager apologizing for the delay however he didn't have any answers for me either. I told him that I would be filing numerous complaints with different agencies to see if someone could help since they won't or can't.

I explained that I still hadn't heard from the repair man and the Assistant Manager asked for the number he provided me to the repair man for my door on Saturday. I retrieved the number from my car and provided it to the Asst. Mgr. He said he was going to try to call him himself.

While typing this complaint, at 7:44pm, I received a call from the repair Supervisor who stated his guy tried to call me on the 20th but was told they had the wrong number and he was going to send me an email but he just hadn't done it yet. He stated that his guy would be out tomorrow 2/28 to look at my door between 5 and 6pm to see what needs to be done to repair it.

also while typing this, I just received a call back from the Assistant Mgr calling to confirm that the repair Supervisor did call me this evening and he just wanted to follow up. I thanked him for doing that and for following up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Zone Furniture Jenny Wood Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $799.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Price.

I didn't like: Resolution process.

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